There is perhaps no greater professional relationship than the one with the professional who helps manage your finances, the utterly invaluable combination of an accountant and adviser. Every client, be it a business or a private client, require the same things from their advisors: they need advice on managing the bottom line, they need guidance on investing and perhaps the most important component is being made to feel comfortable placing trust in their advisers.

Finance Finder Guide embraces the importance of this relationship. In advising individuals, both small and large businesses and international concerns, the breadth of our experience has strengthened our position in the form of value we can provide to all of our clients.

We Become More Successful Together

Successful entrepreneurs quickly become the victims of their own destiny. They can build successful business, and thereby massive earnings, yet it fosters the best problem anyone will ever have to deal with: what to do with all of these earnings! It is a classic conundrum and one that can only be solved by finding the right accountant and adviser.

Finance Finder Guide partners with our clients to provide information and advice so as to help clients strengthen their position. In the end, the more prosperous and successful you are the more relevant and valuable we become. We take quite seriously the value on this synergistic collaboration.



Global Perspective

Based in Manchester but provide accounting service in Bolton, Finance Finder Guide is a firm of professional accountants, doing business in several countries. Our clients have become our greatest asset, telling others how we helped them to preserve and cautiously grow their capital which has led to our now global presence but not neglecting out personalize touch.

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Through our global development, a valuable perspective has emerged and we share this with our clients. In providing a consultative service on general operations and as our relationships grows, we look for opportunities to help you proceed in a more lucrative manner. We also provide advice, from mergers and acquisitions to disposal, putting a sophisticated financial umbrella over all of your concerns.

Private Client Services

Our private client services are a very important part of our business. Individual investors all have different personal situations. The overarching concern of most clients is much the same as our business clients: to preserve and grow their funds. We find out what is going on in each of our clients lives, discuss their goals and we map out a realistic plan to try to move toward those goals.

Why Finance Finder Guide is the Best Bolton Accountant?

We are well-established, experienced and honest. Our only goal is customer satisfaction. Contact us for a free consultation. We welcome the chance to know more about you and discover what your goals are. This is an obligation-free consultation and what we hope is the start of an important relationship for both parties.

Our professional services include:

• Accounts
• Audits
• Business advisory services
• Corporate and personal tax advice
Payroll services
• Part-time financial directors
• Estate, trust and inheritance tax advice

Our core values include:

• Superior service at a competitive price
• High-touch personal attention
• Expertise
• Scope and scalability of services
• Free consultations
• Fee arrangements agreed in advance
• 100% guarantee on all service